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Mother’s Day – Thank Your Mother Everyday

We remember our Mother on Mother’s Day. That is not to say that otherwise we have forgotten her. But on Mother’s Day, we especially say thanks to our mother. This is the day to celebrate Motherhood. Let us talk about our mother and find out if one day in a year is enough to remember mother?

We are grown up today because of our mother. Right from the day we are born, mother takes us under her protection. She feeds us, gives us medicines, looks after our growth and teaches us to walk and play. Mother helps us in our school studies and fights for us with others if required. Mother saves us from every calamity. Watch a toddler in lap of her mother and you will see a deep sense of peace on his/her face. A child feels totally safe when he/she knows that mother is nearby.

We thank our friends, our co-workers and every body who helps us. What about our mother? When shall we thank her for bringing us up? When shall we thank her for the sleepless nights she had because of us/ when shall we thank her for cleaning us during our infancy? When shall we thank her for giving us birth?

A mother deserves much more than a single Mother’s day. She should be sent a Thank you ecard everyday. She should know that we realize what all she did for us and are thankful for that. No thank can ever repay mother’s debt, but at least we will make her happy.

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