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Mothers Day Ecards – How Are They Different Than Father’s Day Ecards?

Creating and selecting ecards or greeting cards is an art. Ecards are used for different occasions. To wish Mother on Mother’s Day, to wish Birthday to a dear person or to convey Good Luck. Similarly ecards are designed for Father’s Day also. Both mother and Father are parents, but the ecards are very different for both. Why and How? Let us examine.

For most of the children, mother is always closer. The child looks at mother’s face and feels her body most during the infant days. That makes the child recognize mother as a protector and provider. During the early days of growth, children don’t interact with father more. It is only after they grow up a little that fathers get more interested and involved with children. During the initial infancy, most of the fathers don’t play with their children much as they don’t know what the child wants and how to communicate.

As child grows, father becomes a major figure. Father takes the child outdoors, teaches him/her fishing, plays with them and is always there to guide and protect with the physical activities of the child. Mother is still very much involved as a provider of comfort and food. Children rush to their mother when hurt during the early growth. As they grow more, both father and mother come to occupy equal space in the child’s mind. And as a child grows to an adult, he/she develops own personality.

The ecards for Mother and father are supposed to depict these differences in words and designs. The ecards for mothers are soft in color and talk more of love and affection. The ecards for father are manlier and the language is designed to convey more of what father taught and how he guided. Both father and mother are important for a child’s growth and both play different roles. These are clearly seen in the ecards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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