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Who Should I Invite To A Baby Shower?

It’s often a challenge to decide just who to invite to your baby shower. What is the proper etiquette and how do you avoid hurting someone’s feelings?

When determining your guest list, it’s important to define your target group. Is it your idea to host the traditional women only gathering or will you include children? Today it’s becoming increasingly popular to invite couples and/or complete families.

When you decide on the type of shower you are going to be hosting make sure your invitations are precisely worded, such as “women only”, “children welcome” and so on based on your decision. If you are planning a specific theme make sure this is included on your invitations as well as any special instructions such as what to bring, how to dress, and directions to the party location. This will save you countless telephone inquiries regarding the specifics of your shower plans.

Always ask your invited guests to RSVP and keep in mind that typically about 20-25% of those confirming will ultimately fail to attend for a variety of reasons.

Baby Showers held at an office, social club or church have a pre-determined guest list of co-workers, club members or fellow church members but make sure that you find out if your shower is the only one being held for the mom to be. If it is, then you may want to extend invitations to her personal friends and family. It may take a bit of discreet probing to find out if there are additional showers planned.

Alternatively, if you are a friend or family member planning the only shower, it’s a thoughtful idea to make a call to the prospective mother to be’s employer to find out who should be invited from her workplace.

In most cases her husband should be able to supply contact information for her friends and work associates.

Don’t forget that if your shower is the sole party planned, you should extend invites to the mom’s family as well as her husband’s family.

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