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Which Baby Carrier Will Work Best For You?

You love your baby so much that you always want to bring and carry him or her around with you. But you have to admit that your arms may get tired and weak from carrying your baby over an extended period of time. Then you have your schedules to adhere to and chores to accomplish that would keep any parent busy. Baby carriers are useful for any busy parent. With the baby carrier you still get to carry your baby while at the same time keeping your hands full with the tasks you have at hand.

There are a lot of baby carrier styles to choose from in the market. We have the front pack carriers that are adjustable and suitable for a parent of any height or size. This has a weight limit of between 20-25 pounds. Here, your baby will be facing towards you. Some of the current front pack carriers can adjust to a back-pack carrier.

You can also find a back-pack carrier. This has a weight limit of 40 pounds. Your baby here will be leaning on your back. There is just a disadvantage to this type of carrier with regards to the inconvenience it offers in getting the baby in and out of the carrier.

Sling baby carriers come in a variety of fabrics and styles. They have the unpadded and padded kind as well. Sling carriers carry babies on the hips, in a cradle hold and snuggle hold as well. There is so much that you can do with a sling baby carrier that it can even be used to carry baby on the back. The convenience these sling carriers provide is that you can easily store them in your diaper bags.

Then, there are the Asian style baby carriers where long strips of cloth are attached to a carrier (usually a quilted fabric rectangular in shape). These can be used either at the front or at the back. This is ideal for newborns and smaller babies, for toddlers will find this to be limiting in space.

You should choose a baby carrier that you are most comfortable with and one that will suit your lifestyle. Irregardless of which particular one you choose, for me the important thing is that despite your busy schedule you maintain some physical contact with your baby which is very important. Even just a small amount of touch is enough to let your baby feel your love and care.

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