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Trumom Advance Rechargeable battery Electric Breast milk feeding Pump with PPSU GOLD bottle

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Product Description

  • 5 STAGE WONDERFUL AUTOMATIC MASSAGE STIMULATION MODE (EVERY 45 SECONDS GEAR CHANGES ) : Start With Our Unique Automatic 5 stage “Massage and Stimulation Mode” To Make The Breast Tender . Massage Mode Is Designed To Increase The Milk Flow. In the automatic massage/stimulation mode , the pump will increase level from 1 to 5, changing levels automatically every 45 seconds !
  • 9 STAGE EXPRESSION MILK SUCTION : Trumom USA Electric Recharge Breast Pump Mimics A Baby’S Natural Nursing Rhythm Precisely. It Works On On Baby’S Natural Suckling Action. Start With Our Unique Automatic 5 stage “Massage and Stimulation Mode” To Make The Breast Tender Followed By 9 stages of “Expression / Milk suction”. Chose milk suction intensity level as per your convenience !!!
  • PORTABLE PUMP ( included lanyard) WITH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY AND CHARGER INCLUDED: Portable pump comes with rechargeable battery and charging adapter. Pump works for about 2 hours with full charge. An Excellent Option For Working Mothers, Trumom Is A Simple Gadget That Makes Life More Comfortable. It Ensures That Your Newborn Has Access To Your Milk Even When You Are Not Around. No Mother Should Deprive Her Child Of Her Own Breast Milk.
  • PPSU GOLD 180 ML bottle: TRUMOM USA PPSU GOLD medical grade BPA free plastic bottle ensures highest safety in the world. Heat resistant 197 degrees. This plastic type is very hard-wearing, highly durable and long lasting and is gold-toned in appearance. It is a medical-grade plastic and has a very high heat resistance. This type of bottle is perfect for a high level of daily usage.

Electric Breast Pump Recharge

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