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Trumom Ultrathin Breast pads with leakguard



  • It comes with a special feature of Honey Comb Lining
  • Honey Comb Lining enables to spread milk evenly and to trap exccess milk
  • Honey Comb Lining provides adequate space for skin and nipple
  • Always BPA Free
  • It has Anti-bacterial property
  • Provided with Patented “Leak-guards” to keep you dry
  • Ultra-thin, due to which it can be comfortably used.
  • It is unique and has breathable layer locks in moisture
  • Individually wrapped to take with you on-the-go
  • Maintains form and smooth shape even with the heaviest flow
  • SAP made in Japan
  • Wood Pulp made in USA
  • Comes with special Leak Guards
  • It has a macromolecule absorbent layer and a Double adhesive tape

Product Description

Trumom Breast Pad is designed to take special care of the mother’s breast to avoid excess leakage during the period of breast feeding. Even during the heaviest flow, it helps to maintain the smooth shape making you feel comfortable.It has Honey Comb Lining which enables to spread milk evenly, to trap excess milk and provide adequate space for skin & nipple. The leak guards are provided to make you feel dry by avoiding leakage and are ultra-thin, so can be comfortably used once you are dressed. Unique and breathable layer helps to lock moistures.

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