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New Internet Filter and Kid Safe Web browser keeps Internet safe for kids.

Finally there is a solution for parents and grandparents who want to allow their children the freedom to surf the Internet without the fear that they may stumble across the “wrong things” online. Children’s Educational Network has designed a very unique, free Internet filter and parental control multiple themed “Kid Safe Browser” which is the gateway to what they call TUKI.

Most everyone with children has either experienced first hand or knows someone with children who have stumbled across negative content (either innocently or intentionally). The Kid Safe Browser is designed to give parents the ability to have a say as to what their kids are looking at. Parents are given the tools to either delete or add (pre-approve) websites that they deem appropriate or inappropriate.

TUKI is the acronym for “The Ultimate Kids’ Internet” ( and this is the membership portion of the their service which offers many premium features. The one very important and meaningful benefit for you and your family is the educational aspect of the Kid Safe Browser. Management of the Company are committed to not only protecting children with technology but also offering educational messaging to teach children the ins and outs of being a responsible, safe web surfer.

This educational messaging is a real powerful feature that we found with TUKI and could not find any other Internet filter or parental control software that also offered an educational aspect.

The Kid Safe Browser gives access to thousands of pre-approved (by teachers and parents) websites that can be surfed (NASA, Nickelodeon, Disney etc.). If a child tries to go to a website that has not been pre-approved the browser displays a message that reads: “This website is not in the ‘Approved List’.

Parents can then decide whether or not that site is acceptable for their child to visit and choose to add it if meets their approval. There is also a “Internet Protection Lockdown” feature that prevents the user from exiting the Kid Safe Browser and entering another browser (AOL, Netscape, IE etc.) that allows access to potentially controversial websites.

Yet, another concern for Parents is that they might receive unsolicited (spam) email. As part of the TUKI membership kids are issued a spam free and safe email account. Again, parents are given the keys to their children’s email box so to speak. Parents pre-approve who the child can send and receive email from. Parents can also add key words (to an already existent ‘Ban List’ that a child cannot send out via email & chat. For instance, a child would be prevented from giving out private information such as a home address, home phone number, school name or sports team or any other bit of information that a parent might feel would compromise their privacy or safety.

Other features of the TUKI membership are “Chore Reminders” and “Encouraging Words”. Since each browser has it’s own (themed) animated talking Internet Guide, (The Noah’s Net Browser has Noah – The Mindstein Browser has Professor Mindstein) Parents can dictate some of the things that the Internet Guide will pop up and say; “Mandy – did you feed Fido today?” “Billy, Your Mommy loves you so much!”

For the most part, the Kid Safe Browser is pretty easy to use. Mostly, your kids will love the talking animated characters; the many games included with the software, and homework sites that make keeping with their schoolwork easier. Meanwhile, you will love the fact that you can sleep at night knowing you’ve taken action in preventing your child form being exposed to sites and sounds that he or she shouldn’t.

As a child advocate I recommend everyone to take action and get this new free Internet filter and parental controlled Kid Safe Browser. To get your own Kid Safe Browser visit and download your very own Kid Safe Browser.

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