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Missing Child: Don’t Be The Next Statistic

There is nothing that will take your breath away faster or give you that punched in the stomach feeling than realizing your child is missing. Whether it is in a grocery store or in a mall, a parking lot in broad daylight or in a park or even at home all it takes is a moment’s distraction when it hits you-YOUR CHILD IS MISSING!

And that is all it takes is a split second of a distraction. The phone rings, you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time; the examples of distractions are almost endless.

Fortunately in MOST of these cases they have just wandered off and are easily found. But the pure unadulterated fear for those few moments-you won’t soon forget. Those are the lucky ones.

The unlucky ones are the ones where it turns into a missing child story. According to FBI missing child statistics a parent or caregiver calls law enforcement about a missing child 2100 times a day.

An uncommon example occurred nearby recently. Eight year old Evan Thompson was on his first camping trip in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains near Canon City, Colorado. He disappeared shortly after breakfast. He had no food or water with him and no medication for his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Those mountains have snakes, cougars, and bears. After four days he was finally found and is okay.

How many times have you noticed the flyers in your local grocery store or Wal-Mart of pictures of missing children? Have you ever seen a milk carton or received a postcard with a photo of a missing child? Those are the unlucky ones and there are tens of thousands of them annually.

There are products available that can help in keeping track of your child. Especially for younger children this is a worthwhile investment. Don’t be caught off guard. Be alert, be aware, and be safe.

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