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Keeping it Cheap: Summer Camps Savings Strategies

The kids love going to engaging activities in summer and meet new friends. Parents love having a few weeks of peace and quiet. It’s no wonder summer camps have retained their population for several decades. Summer camp may seem like a perfect move for your family, but there might be a problem: the cost.

Planning to have a childless summer on the cheap? Summer camp costs can make that very difficult. High-end specialty camps can cost as much as ten thousand dollars. Even general-interest camps of shorter durations often cost thousands. Finding a cheap summer camp with which you will be comfortable is very difficult.

There are a few solutions. One can approach the problem from two directions–they can search out the best possible deal among appropriate camps and they can take proactive steps to decrease the cost of almost any camp. Optimally, both strategies will be used in the quest for a cheap summer camp.

Finding a less expensive camp requires some research. The best advertised and marketed camps are probably the ones with which you are most familiar, and those operations are often among the most expensive options. Local summer camps, particularly those operated by charitable or non-profit organizations may not buy publicity, but that is one reason they can cost a lot less. If you really need to cut prices, consider a day-camp solution. A “days-only” operation is the thriftiest cheap summer camp plan.

Other savings steps include requesting a camp scholarship, sometimes referred to as a “campership.” Many camps will extend low-cots opportunities to children who would otherwise be unable to attend. Partial and full “camperships” are frequently available. Parents should also be aware that Uncle Sam can help turn their children’s summer break into a cheap summer camp experience. Those who have children in camp in order to maintain their gainful employment are eligible for a tax break related to the expense of the camp.

It may not be easy to create a cheap summer camp experience, but it is possible to hold down expenses. By finding the right camp and investigating cost-savings measures, your family can enjoy the advantages of a summer camp experience at a reduced price.

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