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It’s Important To Get Your Hands On A Certified Copy Of Birth Certificate

A spill over of our technological era is the increasing importance attached to identification.

A decade or two ago, word of mouth is a perfectly valid way to identify yourself, but presently, that would just not be enough.

Identification is so important in our world today such that we must always have available a certified copy of birth certificate.

A certified copy of birth certificate is a pre requisite for obtaining documents, and an identification from the local DMV being one of those things.

Many people, including this writer often underestimate the importance of the certified copy of birth certificate, until when we need an important document and we are asked to produce a certificate.

I realized this when I moved from Washington to Las Vegas and finally Oregon.

In my first migration, I got my State of Nevada identification without any hassle.

Then it happened four years later…

After staying in Las Vegas for some time, I never needed my certified copy of birth certificate. Later, I discovered that I had actually lost this vital piece of document.

Four years later, the call of duty took me to Oregon. It was time to get an Oregon identification card.

But instead of getting the card in fifteen minutes as was the case in Las Vegas, I got the shocker of my life.

The official at the counter in a clipped voice told me he can’t issue an identification card in Oregon that says I am a female if am not.

Of course, I am a woman! I have been since the day I was born. So I did the next logical thing: I enquired as to what in heavens name she meant.

Then I got another shocker, the lady alerted me that my Las Vegas ID card indicated I was a male!

How I missed this for four years I will never know.

My saving grace the official said is a certified copy of birth certificate as proof that I am a woman. It is needless to guess the outcome; I don’t have one.

In the end, I happened to have my son’s certified copy of birth certificate which worked as proof that I must be a woman.

I tell you, I will never walk out of a DMV again without making sure I’m a woman!

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