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How To Get A Toddler To Eat Fish

Getting a toddler to eat something that is good for them, or that you think they should eat, should not become a battle of wills, but it often does. Sometimes with children, the presentation is everything, and they forget what is underneath the fanciful decorations or shapes. Fish is one of the few foods that doesn’t lend itself well to disguises that are cute. But you can make it an undercover favorite with a little creative cooking that the kids and even Mom and Dad will enjoy.

First, you will need to ask yourself how important it is that your child has fish. If you really want them to eat it, you may have to be willing to give way on other issues such as how it is prepared. There are a variety of frozen food companies that present fish in stick, and even fish shapes. But these are wrapped in crumbs, and sometimes partly deep friend before you cook them in the oven. This might not be ideal, but if they will eat it, and get the taste of fish, it may open the door to other, and better choices.

The other options are mostly those that appeal to taste. An excellent way of serving fish is in a sauce. A fillet of haddock can be baked quite nicely with just mushroom or another creamed soup poured over it. If you cut off a child size portion, you can even decorate it with some curls of celery for hair, and sliced pickles for eyes before serving. Use your imagination here.

A lot of children love cheese. Bake your fish until it’s half done and then cover it in shredded cheddar cheese. Not only do they absolutely get the taste they like, but the extra protein that cheese offers them.

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