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How to Detect Autism in Child

Every parent wants the best for his or her kid, wishing only the best, good health, bright future and prosperous life to the child.

But one morning it just hit you, your child is turning 3 years old next month but still remains unresponsive to you. Your child is not as interactive as other kids would usually be. ‘Could my child be autistic?’

Any parent would be alarmed.

Autism may sound familiar to you. It is however important to first establish that this is not an infection or a contagious disease. This is actually a condition where the brain of the child has developed differently, resulting to certain ramifications that affected the system of the child and manifesting in the lack of interpersonal skills of the child.

This condition occurs to 1 child in every 700 in the population. It was found also that this is most likely to occur among the boys. The signs manifest at an early stage in a child’s life. It is necessary that you be cautious of your child’s behavior and responses.

How does one detect autism?

The signs of autism may be observed as early as 18 months to 3 years age of the kid.

If your child is experiencing difficulty in the following aspects, it would be helpful to consult a doctor or an expert:

* Looking at others – Can he or she not look at you straight to the eye when you try to communicate?

* Playing with other kids – Does he or she avoid other kids or automatically shies away?

* Imagining – Can he or she not handle make-believe games?

* Communicating – Are there words that he or she cannot say or will have to be said over and over before he or she can grasp it?

* Repetition – Are there mannerisms or motor movements that he or she keeps repeating for no apparent reason or purpose?

* Changes – Is he or she inflexible to changes? Does he or she get alarmed when you change a certain routine, like waking up while it is still dark?

Some babies can actually manifest signs of autism

* Babies that do not look in the eye can be displaying signs of autism, especially if they would rather stare at moving mechanical objects or parts of it.

* Too calm babies should also be observed. Are they able to lie for hours without crying?

* When babies do not play or do not interact with other babies.

How does one address this condition of autism?

The cause of autism is still unknown. That is why parents should not blame themselves if they feel that they had been negligent in taking care of their kids during infancy, or if a mother thinks she might not have properly taken care of herself during pregnancy.

Just as the definite cause is still unknown, there is no definite treatment to get rid of autism.

Even if the parent may not be able to free his or her child from the condition, the best option to the parents of an autistic child is to address the problem. It is best to consult an expert on this field. Know the various peculiarities of the kid. The family may have to stick to a definite lifestyle to adjust to the needs of the child. This would require extra patience also. Send the child to a special education school. If the autism of the child is relatively mild, be sure that you inform ahead the teacher or the principal of the condition.

You have a special child. The kid is special, because his or her abilities are different from the ordinary kid her age. Provide special treatment and care needed. Give your attention. Stay by his or her side.

More than anything else; simply make the child feel your loving care.

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