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How Mothers Can And Should Really Enjoy A Hot Bubble Bath

Okay I admit it I love to take hot relaxing bubble baths. Nothing beats soaking in a tub and reading a good book at the same time. I usually skip the glass of wine, I am much more apt to have a glass of diet coke instead.

Before motherhood I would often take my luxurious soak in the evenings. But as all good mother’s know, if the kids are home there is no real relaxing. They have you cornered and will often want to chat or have untold questions to ask when you are in the tub. After all you can give them your undivided attention at this time. Plus it is always fun to play with the bubbles when mommy is in the tub.

Don’t get me wrong I cherish all the chats my daughter and I have had while I was soaking, and we will both always have fond memories of her putting bubbles on my head and then erupting into giggles. I wouldn’t replace those memories for anything, even the privacy to enjoy my bath. But once in awhile I thought it would be nice to treat myself to the luxury.

Now that my daughter just started school I decided to occasionally take my long soaks in the late morning after getting all the housework done. Well maybe not getting all of it done, but all that I am going to do. Life is too short to worry about every little dust bunny and cobweb in my opinion. Plus if you let them build up a bit you feel such a sense of accomplishment when you eventually get around to them. That is my philosophy anyway.

But just like telemarketers always call at supper time, someone always calls or the doorbell rings when I am in the tub. Not only do these interruptions ruin the relaxation they sure don’t make fond memories that I will later want to reminisce about.

So I have came to the decision that I will go back to evening bubble baths, after all there will be a time in the future when she will be too grown up to want to talk to mom while she is in the tub and to giggle over the bubbles. I think I will cherish and embrace every memory that I can, because they grow up way too fast.

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