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Does my Child need Therapy?

Today, it is hard to determine if you should be providing child therapy to your child. It is very difficult for parents to think that there may be a problem with their baby. After all, up until the teen years hit, they allowed you to take care of them. They told you when things were not okay. You dealt with their needs throughout their life. But, now, you need to wonder if you should be providing teen therapy for them. To really know if your child needs help, ask yourself these questions.

What has changed about my child that has me concerned? If you are worried about their physical health, there is no doubt that you would recommend that they work with a doctor, right? So, if it is their emotional health that may be a problem, you need to get them the teen therapy they need.
Does your child have problems with eating, socializing or does he have behavior problems at school? Acting out in any of these areas is not normal. If your child is having problems, especially at school, child therapy can help.

Do you know that your child is drinking, doing drugs, engaging in sex, or is depressed? If you know this is the case, there is no doubt you need to get them into teen therapy before these circumstances ruin their lives. If you know about it, then it has probably gotten far out of hand.
Do you want them to have the best ability to make the right choices? Even if you do not feel your child has any problems, teen therapy can help to encourage things to stay that way.

Child therapy can be a blessing for a child. Even if they hate it and do not want to go, it can help them to realize that you care about their well being. It will help them to know what to do and how to react in their lives. Hearing from another adult what is right or wrong helps to strengthen their understanding and their belief in you. Teen therapy should not be a punishment then, but a way to get your child to safety.

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