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Cozy And Warm Baby Blankets

Expecting your first child? Or are you too concerned about your baby’s health? You can wave away some of your blues by getting that right blanket for the apple of your eye and watch your little ones sleep comfortably.

Baby blankets are great gifts, whether you want to celebrate the arrival of a baby or a baby showering event. Baby blankets come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Though newborns spend most of their time sleeping but you must remember that they are very active even in their sleep, rolling to one side then to the other. So it is advisable to buy a blanket wide enough to cover their territory. Babies grow fast so you should also consider the length when buying. The length of your baby’s blanket may not be enough for the next season. Often blankets come with teddy bears and Mickey Mouse attached to them. They may look nice but not always the most comfortable ones. Blankets with Disney characters or your baby’s favorite animation hero may be a good choice. You may also choose blankets that match the color of your baby’s room.

Baby blankets come in a variety of materials – satin, fleece, wool. When buying keep in mind that the blankets should be plush, super soft, light and comfortable. Blankets should also be durable and last long. Buy blankets that are easy to dry and do not lose shape, texture or color after repeated washes. You can also buy blankets with beautifully designed embroidery or appliqué work or with laces and trims. But care should be taken that these do not affect your baby’s comfort.

You can buy blankets in various sizes depending on your need – for the bed, pram or car or blankets that can be used for all. Babies are as unpredictable as the Wimbledon weather. It is important that you have sufficient numbers so that you can grab a new one when the dirty ones are sent to the laundry.

Personalizing baby blankets by getting your baby’s name or date of birth embroidered on the blankets is also a great idea. For mothers who are more creative you can also sew the blankets on your own and add a personal touch. Care should be taken that the edges of the blankets are tight and secure and no threads or trims have been set lose.

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