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Choosing the Right Bottle

It is no secret these days that breastfeeding is best. This information comes at new mothers from every direction. Obstetricians, pediatricians, and parenting magazines all agree that breastfeeding is the way to go. So why are there so many different bottles on the shelves these days? Because not all mother’s are able to breastfeed and those that do, need an occasional evening away from baby. With all the choices out there, it can be difficult to decide which bottle is best. When making your decision you should take into consideration the cost of the bottle, your baby’s preference, and any health problems your child may have. Here is a brief description of the bottles on the market right now. This information should make your decision a little easier.

Avent- These bottles are clinically proven to reduce colic. Using a unique air flow system, these bottles also reduce gas. Breastfeeding mothers may find this to be a very good choice because the soft, natural nipple on these bottles encourages baby to latch on to the bottle in the same way as the breast. A separate adaptor kit can be purchased that allows you to attach the bottle directly to a breast pump. These bottles come in both 4 oz and 9 oz sizes. Avent bottles can be found online for $19.95 for the Newborn Sampler Kit.

Dr Brown- These bottles were created by a physician and have a patented internal vent system that helps prevent gas pain, burping, and spitting up. These bottles can also be directly connected to a breast pump. The easy to read numbers make for more accurate measurements. They are available in wide or regular neck varieties as well as 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. A Newborn Feeding set can be found online for $17.99.

Playtex Ventaire- These bottles are made with an angled neck to keep the nipple full of milk and avoid baby getting air bubbles during feeding. They open from top or bottom which makes for easier cleaning. Air enters through the Bubble-Free Vent on the bottom of the bottle, not through the nipple. This keeps air from mixing with liquid so there are virtually no bubbles for baby to swallow. These bottles are available in 6 oz and 9 oz sizes. The Newborn Gift Set can be found online for $23.69.

Second Nature Bottle- These bottles are great for babies going back and forth between breast and bottle. The nipples are designed so baby controls the flow. This reduces swallowed air and colic. There is less nipple confusion for baby when this bottle is used. These bottles are available in 4 oz and 9 oz sizes. The Newborn Starter Set can be found online for $19.95

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