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Child Beating

A majority of parents beat their children. Many school teachers punish children to correct them. They do it to teach them properly and make them good citizens of this world. How many of these parents and teachers themselves are good citizens of this world? How many of them themselves know what is right and what is wrong? How many have the knowledge of happy existence and how many have the right to beat a child?

No one. Absolutely, no one has any right to beat a child. They beat the child, because the child does not retaliate. The child is helpless. The child is at their mercy. The parents and teachers take advantage of this and sadistically take out their own frustrations on the children. What if they try doing this to someone of their age and strength? They will get it back. That is why they don’t do that. They look for helpless children, find faults and beat. This is inhuman.

In any civilized society such practices should be punishable. A child is like a flower. The child needs love, care and proper guidance. No beating and no harsh words. A child does not come into the world to learn things, solve sums and become a scientist overnight. A child comes to this world to make this world a better place with its innocence and curiosity.

Why not beat everyone on the earth, who needs correction? And who does not need correction? Ask any boss, and according to them, all the assistants need some correction. Ask any married person and they will tell you thousand deficiencies of their partner. Ask a leader and they will tell you how all the opposition leaders are bankrupt in their thinking. And find out about the Presidents and Prime Ministers from the opposition leaders and you will get an earful.

The whole world needs correction. Next time, before a child is beaten, let us line up all the citizens of this world and correct all of them. Who will do that? No one is left out. Better stop touching a child. That should be the message to all the parents and teachers. Let this practice stop forever in all the countries.

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