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Can you keep Your Children safe online?

Few of us want to dwell on the subject of child abuse. but it is a very real and unfortunate fact of life in today’s world. The effects on Children can be devastating, and have a lifelong negative effect. As a parent what would you be willing to do to insure your child’s safety? Learning about threats to Your children and how to deal with them is not enough, you need to provide for thier safety. there are two types of programs that will satisfy different needs, both are effective and approach the problem differently.
Key loggers
Software like I am Big Brother (above) is keylogging software, it will record every key stroke entered on the subject computer, and you can see what has been typed including both sides of an instant messaging chat session, what web sites were visited, any emails sent or recieved, what programs were used, and pretty much anything else that has happened on that computer. One huge advantage of this type of software is that it is completely invisible to the user, you know it’s there but the person using the computer does not, (this is also useful if you suspect your spouse is having an online or offline affair) installation is simple, and generally will install itself.
Blocking Software
Blocking software is just that, it keeps undesirable websites from showing up. it has a built in list of restricted sites that is updated frequently (often everyday) and blocks sites based on other criteria such as hate speech etc. this type of software is best suited to younger individuals as it’s presence is obvious, and will sometimes but not often block access to completely safe sites.
And don’t worry about downloading these software titles, both of them are on Secure servers, it’s actually safer than using the telephone.

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