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Why Are Cloth Nappies So Good For Your Baby?

Congratulations on the new arrival! Caring for your little bundle of joy is a truly delightful experience, when you want to lavish all your love and attention over this one unique person. Nothing is good enough for your precious baby for whom, if possible, you would even buy the moon!

Naturally, you want the very best for your child, and with the countless baby products flooding the market, this means you can pick and choose to your satisfaction. Moreover, many options are available to the parent of today, and it is upto you to make up your mind about whats best for your child.

Is breast feeding better than the bottle, what brand of baby food is more healthy, or, oh dear, shouldnt the nursery be painted a mild and soothing green instead of all this pink? Should you opt for cloth or disposable diapers? Are you doing the right thing? Help!

Relax. The most important thing when raising a child is to make sure it is healthy. Just as proper nutrition is essential for your babys welfare, so is hygiene and cleanliness. While nutrition can be easily taken care of with regular feedings of milk, hygiene is a different matter. With little or no control over their bodily functions, babies expel a lot of waste, and keeping them clean can be a daunting task. The solution? Nappies, of course!

There are disposable Nappies and cloth nappies. Disposable nappies are easy to use; use it once and throw it away. No washing, no fuss! However, disposable diapers are made of chemicals that can harm your babys sensitive skin. Also, with its synthetic texture, disposable nappies are not comfortable, and babies are prone to develop rashes or allergies. Diapers made from natural fibres are a welcome change from disposable nappies as they are soft and soothing to the skin.

Raising a child also means rising expenses! A baby will go through upto a thousand or more diapers before his first birthday. Disposable diapers cost more than cloth nappies, but in this case, being expensive does not necessarily mean its better. Cloth nappies are lower-priced and are reusable. So, one cloth nappy serves as well as many disposable ones.

To further cut expenses, using second hand cloth nappies is a good idea, and after your baby has outgrown them, it is recommended you donate them to other parents or reuse them for your next child, thereby reducing waste. If one baby will use more than a thousand diapers in a year, imagine the amount of garbage generated in a city from diapers alone! While disposable nappies contain chemicals that do not decompose, discarded cloth nappies are absorbed back into the environment, and are thus very eco-friendly.

In the modern nuclear family where both parents work, washing cloth nappies may seem a tedious process. A gentle wash in the washing machine solves this problem.

Some popular brands of cloth nappies are: the Bumble sized shape nappy, Rainbow Bots and, Prorap All in One Nappies. Terries are flat squares of terry towelling that can be shaped into nappies. These are all nappies that are sized, shaped and have a high second hand value, meaning they are very durable. Almost all brands of cotton nappies are made of light cotton-based material.

Comfort for your baby comes first, and with the menace of harmful chemicals in disposable diapers, cloth nappies seem the only solution. Comfortable, hygienic, eco-friendly, durable . . . with so many merits, it is no wonder cloth nappies are replacing disposable diapers everywhere.

There can be no doubt that cloth nappies are so good for your baby!

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