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Teeny Weenie Pregnancies

Teeny Weenie Pregnancies

How many times does a parent have to remind their child about contraception,and sexually transmitted diseases. What does it take for a parent to be heard. In some unfortunate cases children just do not listen and choose to ignore the best advice any parent can give to their child.

It is hard for a parent to see their child having a child. Unwanted pregnancies in teens, a sad situation but the damage is done so accept the situation and start to face up to responsibilities

Matters intend to get out of hand by leaving it to late to consult a doctor or talking to your parents. You could be putting yourself and that of your unborn child in danger. If you have any inclinations that you are pregnant seek help right away.

What is mum and dad going to say may be causing you unnecessary worry. I can not say that they will be happy with the news you are about to spring on them. But remember at the end of the day this is your mum and what do mums do, they care and give their support.

No doubt those famous words will be spoken in a raised voice like, I told you this would happen and how could you have been so stupid? But she is right, mum’s advice is always right when it comes down to protecting her kids.

After coming to terms and accepting that she is going to be a grandmother the situation eases.
Believe me when I say if ever you needed anyone to give you support throughout this teenage pregnancy, it is your mum so talk to her.

Contraception is about helping to stop unwanted pregnancies also STDs are prevented by the use of a condom. Which would be the worst an unwanted teen pregnancy or a STD. Let me tell you they both come with a life sentence of heartache and pain, no more partying it stops here?

Come on girls and boys this is the 21st century there is no need to destroy your childhood. I am not saying that every teen pregnancy has not worked out for some young mums today, but for a great many it has ruined their lives. Do you want to raise a baby, especially one that has ruined your life. Will you ever love that infant in the way you should? Sadly many teen mums don’t so the innocent baby has to suffer.

Most teenage mothers end up raising their child on their own all because daddy is still growing up too.

Come on girls and boys think of the consequences.If you choose to ignore all the golden rules then you have to accept the consequences.

Please have yourself checked over by a doctor early to make sure that there are no complications. I do not wish to frighten you, just make you aware that teen mums that have not fully reached puberty themselves may need extra care and attention.

People who deal with these type of situations are very understanding and compassionate regarding whatever maybe troubling you about your pregnancy or any STD concerns..

If you find that talking on the matter embarrasses you, then ask a friend to go with you and let them do the talking, and if all fails in getting you to speak with some one.

Then consider the next time you recieve your pocket money to buy a condom not a cornet.

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