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Sweeter Than Sweet – Baby Shower Cakes

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More popular than ever at these baby party gatherings are Baby shower cakes. Specially designed baby shower cakes go down really well if added with personal touches, this can be with baby’s name, Mummy or Daddy’s, even candles and toys. We all know cake is a delight to eat so why not make you baby shower cake extra delightful by adding a theme to suit you and baby.

It is a good idea for mum-to-be when out shopping for a baby showers cake is to have in mind what she wants before visiting the bakery. Flavour is important in a baby shower cake; a good idea is to stick with a sponge covered in cream. The reason being is should the cake be rich and filled with marzipan then this may not be to everyone’s taste, but with surrounding other small dainties of different flavours then surely all will be pleased.

The cake centre piece will be the main attraction for attracting attention from the guests. Baby shower cakes are designed solely for this and are made more pretty for baby’s day

Baby shower cakes are known to some as diaper/baby cakes’ what is the difference? The actual Baby shower cake is a cake that can either be homemade or bought from the bakery. While ‘diaper cakes’ are baby shower basketfuls of goodies containing more diapers (not for human consumption)
Homemade baby shower cakes are baked in the same way as any other cake the only difference is more goes into the baby cake as in i.e. creating those personal little touches that mean so much.

Quality bakers who specialize in designer cakes are the best to approach, this way a guarantee of cake freshness appetizing and pretty to look at as eye candy. When you shop for baby shower cakes make sure to do this in advance in order to get the right cake for the baby shower party. Bakeries that cater for baby shower parties are normally very busy. The flavour for your chosen cake is most probally where you may experience problems because of the wide variety of choice. Marzipan, currants, sultanas are ingredients for rich mixes and I hasten to add not to everyones taste. If baking your own opt for the simple sponge cake, how you tart it up as in i.e. decoration is a different matter.

Select the right cake to give ending to the sweetest beginning. (Baby)

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