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There are many different kinds of dog trainer collars. How do you know you are choosing the correct one for you and your dog? There are many things to take into consideration, when making this decision. Sometimes knowing how to choose, the right trainer over so many others can be a bit overwhelming. Aren’t they all the same? Actually, many of them may look the same, and some of them even work the same way, but they are all different, to allow a variety for different kinds of dogs.

The most commonly used dog trainer collar is the collar with the remote. This particular collar will stimulate your dog in a safe and humane way to help you train your dog more effectively. The way this one works is to attach a collar to your dog, which is then ready to provide stimulation to your pet, to make him stop misbehaving and irritate him to the point that he stops and listens to your command. After so many times of using this collar and remote system, your dog will listen to you and respect your commands for fear of being irritated with the stimulation. This is a most effective way to train your dog with a collar. The difference in the many remote and collars available can be the range of the remote control, as well as the collar that is needed for your particular dog. This is many times based on the weight of the dog, as to which collar would work better on him.

Another dog trainer collar method that is used would be the one where you would bury a wire in your yard. You would bury this wire wherever you want to keep your dog out of. For instance, if you want to keep your dog in the yard, bury the wire around the perimeter of your lawn, and attach the collar to your dog. Your pet will learn very fast not to cross over the buried wire. When your dog gets close to the wire, a clicking noise will warn your dog about the stimulation that is about to occur. This method is most effective for the dog owner that is not always home to use a remote.

While looking for a dog trainer collar, try choosing the one that is best for you and your dog. You both will be much happier once your misbehaved dog is behaving like he should.

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