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So You Have A Baby, What’s Its Name?

Naming a baby is easy. All you have to do is think of a name that would suit him or her and viola, the child will carry it all throughout its life. Some pressure.

Relax though, naming a baby should not be difficult. Just make sure that whatever name you come up with will suit the baby up until the baby becomes a full-fledged adult.

The following are helpful tips to make baby naming a fun, enjoyable work.

Know what you want and do not want

Early on, it is best that you decide what kinds and types of name do you want to call your baby. Do you imagine yourself shouting “Ralph!,” “Amanda,” “Edward, or “Raul?”

What you call your baby now is what he or she will be called for life. So decide where and how you want to go about choosing names. Do you prefer a more traditional route or would you want to choose from a list of unusual baby names?

Ask family and friends

To probably give you an idea on the names you might want to call your child, ask around or interview relatives and get to know your family tree as well as your partner’s. If there are those people whose lives have touched you or those who have played a significant if not meaningful part in your lives, you may consider their names. Make sure though that both you and your partner agree to such a condition and that it is a name both of you will like.

Make a list and check it twice

Another option you could do is making a list of your personal favorite artists, actors, actress, places, characters from novels, movies or plays or from history or art, mythology, etc.

It would be best if such names or places have a significant meaning to you and your partner. If you and your partner considered the capital of France as the place where you definitely fell in love, proposed, (or where the baby was made), name the child Paris (at your own risk of course).

Know your lineage

In struggling to come up with a beautiful baby name, take this opportunity to also know your family’s heritage as well as your partner’s.

Would you want to have a specific ethnic sounding name for your baby? It may also be a chance for you to acknowledge or recognize your own or your partner’s nationality.

Buy a baby name book

This cuts out the effort, sweat, toil and tears of having to come up with a unique name or in looking for one. Through a baby name book, all you have to do is open its pages, close your eyes and let your finger do all the walking.

Wherever your eyes or your finger rests on may be the name that you might be looking for all yourlife. Be careful though and always feel free to change your mind just in case your finger rests on a Bartholomew or a Willamina.

The best way to go about this process is by highlighting the names you or your partner prefers. Then start from there.

Look at the big picture

Now that you may have a probable list of names, try to check how they stack up against the last name of the baby. First and last names that rhyme really do not sound too good. Long names are really not preferred, imagine how your child will write his or her name or introduce him or her self during their first day of school. Also, try to avoid any names, the nickname of which may be unflattering.

All in all, naming a baby is supposed to be a fun thing to do. Enjoy it, until the child grows up and become old enough to legally change it on its own.

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