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Lovely Custom Bedding For Your Baby

The ultimate luxury for you and your baby is custom baby bedding. When you are decorating the baby’s nursery, you may have a crib size that is non-standard or an absolutely different wall finish or wallpaper that does not match with bedding that is readily available. So you can try to find custom baby bedding either on-line or in a store near your home. You will see that the price of custom bedding is not very high – even frequently less than full-blown designer sets.

The primary importance should be given to the baby’s comfort and safety when considering custom baby bedding. The fabric used should be washable again and again, colorfast, durable, and it should be 100% cotton. A nice feature would be resistance to stain. Things like fringe or appliqué should be best avoided because they may get loose easily and enter the baby’s mouth causing choking. Chenille is a fabric, which may appear to be more desirable, but you should give it a miss in favor of smoother and simpler fabrics.

Know your options when you are out shopping for your baby. Get the price of baby beddings from different designers and also ask them if you have any query. If you provide the designer with your own fabric, then you can do so. Then the designer must reduce the final cost of the baby bedding as per the calculations. The baby should feel comfortable – do not loose sight of the fact by putting more stress on style. As an instance an infant does not need pillows, so skip it. There is a debate about crib bumpers – some think it is important to keep the baby away from the hard surface of the crib, and some think that it poses a similar threat of choking like the pillows.

So keep your eyes open about costs, get a reputed designer and be prepared. It may take four to six weeks to finally get hold of the completed baby bedding, but it will be worth the wait when you it is going to be according to your choice in terms of concept, color and fabric.

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