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Kicked in the Ribs – While Giving Birth

Sacrifices have to be made as soon as your result from the pregnancy test proves positive. Bungee jumping stops as of now, cut down on the intake of alcohol and tobacco. It is common sense to follow the rules from all medical advisors which in return will help you to understand the needs of your new unborn child.
By adhering to all advice from your doctor/midwife may help making the birth a pleasant experience.

Women who have mothered broods of babies know what to expect in the delivery room like water off a ducks back to these professionals. But for the first child expectant mother it is a whole new world. Mums to be for the first time will experience either fear/happiness all because of the unknown.

All mother’s have a story to tell about their time in the delivery room and should these tales be told to you in an attempt to ease your fear then all I say is, listen to what you want to hear.

The fear factor is what most first time female species experience in pregnancy, fear of pain being top of the list but in fact having to face the unknown holds a stronger presence in causing unnecessary stress which I hasten to add is, not good for you or your baby. If having babies were so bad why do women go on rising the numbers in family editions.

Women’s needs and wants differ greatly in pregnancy, you will find some enjoy the whole nine month cycle very fulfilling where as others see it as a taboo gaining excess weight/ fear and pain . Things you normally would do before conceiving will have to be approached in a different manner depending on the chore or task because of the new life you are carrying.

Expecting a baby is a doddle nothing changes apart from having a figure like a sumo wrestler and forget any plans of squeezing in and out of tight places. No matter how much you breathe in, it just isn’t happening. Unfortunately there are women who have difficult pregnancies so this is why it is important to listen and heed all medical advice…

There will be times you go off your food and suffer heartburn you may even experience a little back pain, but hey guess what, so do a million other people. Discomfort towards the delivery date is to be expected because we have an infant ready to make his/her grand entrance into the world to meet mummy/daddy. So be prepared for a few kick in the ribs.

Cries of sheer jubilation when it is all over, this is when cradling your new born in your arms you know it was all worthwhile.

A few tears may flow before the birth when labour kicks in with pain pangs coming every two to three minutes. Labour pains can only be explained in comparison with severe stomach cramps.

The magical potion to put a stop to labour pains is the actual birth.

Some women sail through the actual birth but for those who need help in dealing with the discomfort there are pain killing antidotes… Bringing an infant into the world can be a fabulous experience; but because women carry babies differently there are choices and options for delicate procedures in the delivery room on how matters are conducted in theatre.

Regardless of the mother’s personality delicate/rough the end result is the same, a bouncing baby boy/girl and if lucky one of each.
Listen to all medical advice given then that way you have a 100% chance of having a perfectly healthy baby.

Women who stuck by the rules and still lost a child then all I can say is that your little boy/girl must have been a very special baby for the lord to have chosen for his angel.

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