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How To Hire The Perfect Baby Sitter! Or The Child Care Conundrum!

Child Care is often at the forefront of many parents’ minds. Because there are occasions when everyone needs to leave the home, and it is important to have a support network in place that can be called upon to assist if the need arises. Often, the people who are called for child minding are family members, which works great in general. However, family are not always available to help; and so it is important to have a network available outside of that. This is where hired childcare professionals, or baby sitters can step in to assist. (If you have a very young child then check out for more resources to help you)

There are certain things that should be considered when choosing a baby sitter. First and foremost, the baby sitter should be credible — meaning that he or she should have a good record with past employers. Second is that certain character traits and characteristics should be present in the baby sitter. For example, they should have at least a general knowledge of how to run a household. And being sensible about it, common sense is a good asset here! Ask yourself the question, ‘Do I want this person in charge of MY child?’. If the answer is anything other then a definite YES. Move on. You can always get another babysitter.

And of course he or she should be patient when it comes to dealing with kids because that is really the bulk of his or her work.

Most parents prefer to be hands-on with their kids. Raising kids is a difficult job, but still parents want to do it themselves because they feel like it is the only way to make sure that they can properly train their children to grow up in the way that ideally they would want them to be. And also, children are fun! Why should the babysitter get all the joy, fun and abundance that looking after children can bring?

However some parents have no choice because both of them have to work to fend for the family so either they leave their kids with other family members, friendly neighbors or else hire babysitters to help out. This is not neccessarily an ideal solution. But sometimes it is the only option.

A baby sitter is often a stranger (at least at first), so careful thought should be given by the family about this decision from the time they say yes to the idea, to the actual choosing of the baby sitter.

It is also advisable to ask around people who have past experiences with baby sitters and child care so that you can have an idea how to set your criteria and how to actually find and eventually hire someone that will suit you. Mothers groups and baby clinics can also be a good source of advice in this area.

After the initial research you are now ready to do interviews for possible prospects. During the interview, you should not only concentrate on the resume or the answers but you should more importantly, watch out for the body language because this will tell you a lot about the person. How comfortable they feel with you, but also with your child. Ask routine questions but also come up with questions that will make you get to know more about the morals or the personality of the one applying. You don’t want to come home to an impromptu party they decided to organise at you house! 😉

Finally, after choosing a baby sitter, make sure that you do some advance preparations like giving the babysitter a tour of the places in the house where he or she will be working, machines he or she will be operating, list of numbers to call in case of emergencies and talk to him or her about any special instructions you might want to give. Also, set down the family policies with him or her on specific behaviour, acceptable punishments for naughty behaviour etc. These are simple things, but making it clear at the beginning will mean that you don’t have any future problems.

Hiring a baby sitter allows parents to have a greater focus on their jobs. But during the first days of the baby sitters tenure at your home, one of the parents should watch how the baby sitter is during active duty even for just a few hours. This is a sort of transition time and it is also a way of still being involved with your kids despite the fact that you already have a baby sitter. There are many good babysitters around and hopefully you will find the right one for your family and child care needs. Finding good childcare will not only free up your time and give you more flexibility, it will also add a very valuable team member to your family in the form of a baby sitter. So it is worth persisting and finding that special someone to take care of the people you LOVE.

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