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Funding The Baby Adoption Process

A baby adoption is not an inexpensive process. Many hopeful parents discard the idea of a baby adoption early because they do not realize that there are both private and government resources that are available to help prospective adoptive parents, which will aid in the costs associated with travel, agency fees and additional spending.

There are several tax benefits associated with baby adoption, which include the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. This amount is a credit issued for adoptive families on qualified expenses related to a baby adoption. Allowable expenses, in this case, are subtracted from the current tax liability. In addition, a number of states offer a tax credit in addition to the previously mentioned federal tax credit. When it comes to taxes, adoptive parents are allowed to claim the same dependency exemption as for their biological children. This exemption provides a reduction in taxable income.

In addition to tax assistance, a number of employers participate in the Adoption Assistance Benefits Program. This program allows employers to reimburse a baby adoption with a cash benefit. If your employer does not participate in this program, you may request material to provide your employer in an effort to request adoption assistance by contacting the National Adoption Center.

Both federal employees and military personnel are eligible for baby adoption benefits, which vary from extended leaves and/or reimbursement of up to $2,000.00 after the baby adoption is finalized.

Employees of Harvard University are also eligible for baby adoption assistance directly from the Harvard Adoption Assistance Plan. Under this program, up to $5,000.00 may be granted for expenses relating to the adoption of a child with financial need not being a factor.

In addition to these options, there are grants specifically designed to help prospective parents with expenses relating to the adoption. These include A Child Waits Foundation, Hebrew Free Loan Association, Funds 4 Families, A Mother’s Love Fundraising, Community Fundraisers, The National Adoption Foundation, Ours By Grace and United Way International.

As a final option in assistance with funding a baby adoption, individuals may consult with their local bank or credit union regarding loan programs for adoptive families. Others may choose to use their savings account or cash out the equity in their home to make an adoption happen. If you ask most adoptive parents, money is no object when it comes to the love of a child and the joy that he/she brings into the life of loving parents.

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