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Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations: The Complete Guide To Free Shower Invites

Free printable baby shower invitations are a great option that you can turn to to save money when planning a shower. The Internet offers free invitations (in image format of .jpg or .bmp file extension) that you can download to your computer. Below is a guide on how to use them.

-At the webpage, click the link to download a file or a group of files (zipped) containing the baby shower invitation design.

-With the help of a picture-viewer software, open the file. If you downloaded a group of files, you may need to unzip them to show the individual files and choose one that is suitable for your baby shower theme.

-The common invitation card size is a fourth of a letter-sized paper. However, most printable invitations are laid out using the full letter-sized paper for one card. Such is the case because the page is divided into four equal parts, and eventually folded to form a ¼-sized invitation card.

-Looking at the page, some layouts have a demarcation line to divide the page into the four parts. If the one you downloaded does not have a dividing line, don’t worry, you can still assemble it easily.

-The upper left portion of the page is the front of the card. This is where the main design of the card is placed. You may notice it is inverted as laid out and when printed. This is normal, as it will become upright after assembly.

-The lower left portion of the page is the left inside of the card and is blank in most cards.

-The lower right portion of the page is the right inside of the card. In some sites, the free baby shower invitations would have poems printed on this part. Others leave it blank to allow you to add the details of the party.

-The upper right portion of the paper serves as the back of the card, where the website address where the card was downloaded from is printed.

-To assemble the card, fold the paper crosswise in half and then fold again in half, reducing the paper into a fourth of the original size. At this point, the inverted printed design has become upright and assumed the front of the card. For a tidy assembly, glue the edges of the card together.

If you are more computer-savvy, you can customize what you have downloaded. In this case, use free photo-editing or desktop publishing software. With the help of the software, add text to any part of the card or add other pictures in tune with your baby shower theme. Give the invitations a paid-look by printing the details of your baby shower, instead of writing them by hand. Just make sure to keep the credits at the back, as this is still mostly the website’s work and not your own.

Here’s one last tip to add zing to your free invitation: use special paper instead of white bond paper. There are a variety of letter-sized specialty paper of different textures, colors, thicknesses and scents! To complete the custom-look, buy matching envelopes.

Whether you are holding a formal, elegant dinner or a laid-back, unfussy brunch, add excitement to your baby shower without spending a fortune. Use free printable baby shower invitations to fascinate your guest while anticipating the arrival of your bundle of joy!

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