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Adoption Is An Option

If a couple has been trying for sometime to conceive and have done everything they could to do so, then maybe they could consider adoption.

There are so many babies and children in the world looking for a mother and father. Couples can choose to adopt a child in their home country or one from abroad. There have been those couples who have adopted children from several different countries. The highest profile adoptions recently have been Angelina Jolie and Meg Ryan. Angelina adopted a little boy, Maddox, from Cambodia and a little girl, Zahara, from Ethopia. Meg Ryan adopted a little girl from China.

Adoption is not an easy process. There are many requirements that the adoptive couple will have to meet before they are allowed to move forward with the adoption. Here is a list showing some of the criteria:

* * Marital Status
* * Length of Marriage
* * Age of Adoptive Parents
* * Health and Disabilities Issues of Adoptive Parents
* * Use of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
* * Fertility Status
* * Other Children in the Family
* * Financial Status
* * Employment Stability

The cost of adoption depends on how they choose to proceed. If they use the US foster care system, there is little or almost no cost to the adoptive parents. In some states, subsidies are offered. Stepparent or kinship adoptions usually cost up to $2,500.

Using an agency, private or international adoption can cost up to $30,000.

Benefits: You control the search process and the degree of openness with the birthparents, have direct contact with the birthparents, and aren’t restricted by agency requirements.

Risks: Costs are less predictable, as extensive advertising and medical expenses can drive up costs. Length of time to find a birthmother is unpredictable. As with an agency adoption, a birthparent can change her mind.

Here are some good resources with information about adoption:, National Adoption Center, National Council for Adoption, American Adoption Congress.

Regardless how the couple decides to adopt, the important fact is that they and their new child will be on their way to a nurturing and loving relationship.

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