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A Childs Rocking Horse Will Keep Them Occupied And Amused

A child’s rocking horse is a toy for your child in the shape of a horse mounted on rockers. The rockers are essentially springs, which enable a child to rock and ride. The rocking movement entices many a child. It is also popular as a hobbyhorse. These riding toys give your child the illusion of riding a real horse and therefore are a favorite with most children.

Although only a small horse, a child’s rocking horse is strong enough for your child to sit and ride. It is in the shape of a typical horse with a head, legs, back, and tail. However, the hooves are along the bottom with curved bow type joints. These joints are similar to those commonly found in a rocking chair. These provide a forward and backward movement and allow your child to rock on the horse.

The child’s rocking horse also has proper footrests or straps which serve as stirrups. Your child can place its feet firmly into these stirrups. There are normally two handles at the sides of the horse, coming from the head portion. Your child can hold on to these handles for a firm grip while rocking on the toy.

The earliest known child’s rocking horse dates back to the middle Ages. Although initially such horses were for knights to practice jostling, later, Germany made such wooden horses as children’s toys in late 17th century or early 18th century. Nevertheless, only the rich could afford such toys for their children.

However, the scene changed later and the child’s rocking horse was present in almost every house all over the world. It is now so common that these toys are often in the attic even after the children outgrow such toys. The newer ones are also available in plastic rather than wooden. Despite the popularity of other toys like Barbie dolls, computer games, and robots, children find the simple rocking horse as enticing as ever.

Some of the child’s rocking horse also has real horsehair manes. Most of them are padded sufficiently to make them comfortable for your child to sit and rock. Some have reins and cloth saddles too. Colors of today’s rocking horses are now far from being the traditional grey or brown. You can choose from an array of bright and vibrant colors. Other accessories are also available in leather, fabric, and similar others.

Innovative models of the child’s rocking horse include the rocking horse toilet. This toy serves the dual-purpose of being a child’s toy and helps you teach basic toilet etiquette to your child. Prices for such toys range from $200 to $3,500 depending on your choice of the toy. However, always keep a watchful eye on children younger than four years while riding this horse.

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