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A-B-C’s Of Parenting

Common sense in parenting is a rather relative idea. Some parents simply do not have it and they need to be told just how to parent. That is why there are so many bestselling parenting books out there. There is nothing wrong with needing a little help in the area of your kids, parenting is difficult during the best of times and if those books can help you then go ahead and get them!

There are some basic rules when it comes to good parenting however. Here are the basics of parenting that every parent should know:

Be kind

It is never okay to demean your children. You do not ever want to put them down or hurt their feelings on purpose. No matter how mad they make you feel you should always work to control your temper. Not only will this keep you from doing and saying something that you will regret, it will also teach your children to control themselves as well.

Be a good role model

Being a good role model is important. This means teaching your children how to be good people all of the time. You want to teach them to be kind and to control their temper as well as to share. The most important thing that you will teach your children is the difference between right and wrong. Without this very important knowledge your children will not know how to succeed out there in the real world.


Controlling your temper is important and teaching your children to be responsible is great but communication is the key to being a good parent. There is no parent better than one who is dedicated to communicating with their kids well. Communications does not have to be hard, it just has to be done all of the time.

Communicating does not even have to be too in depth. Some people are just not comfortable with talking about their inner feelings all day every day and that is okay. Just talk to your kids about the important things. For example you need to make sure that your children know how much you love them all of the time. This is a huge part of good parenting.

Good parenting means talking to your about important things in their lives. Like if they get bullied at school you should talk to them bout that experience. Let your kids know that they can tell you anything that happens to them without fear of being rejected. If your kids can know they can talk to you about anything at all they will do it.

Keep in mind how important it is for you to know where your kids are at all times. Parenting has many facets and if you want to be good at it you need to learn about them all. Your kids need to be aware of the dangers of wandering around aimlessly. Let them know that they cannot go anywhere without filling you in on where they are going to be and who they are going to be there with.

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