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Baby Shower Themes – For Party Success Then You Have To Impress

Welcoming a new edition to the family is a wonderful and joyous moment.

An even more exciting time lies ahead with the planning of a unique baby shower for the new arrival. Preparing for a baby shower can be a fun and exciting experience for all involved. You can plan for the event to be grand or simple but the most important issue is to make the occasion a very memorable one. This can be done by choosing the right theme and by doing this you can rest assured that the guests will leave the baby shower party mentally maimed with fond memories.

You have an abundance of options to select from. Ideas/themes can be humorous or on a serious level the preference is yours for the baby shower.
Baby Showers are always a success and are sure to impress with careful planning, therefore it is important to finalize your decision on the theme so that you can prepare to claim the effect you want portrayed at the baby shower party

Spice up the baby party theme with colour, we all know blue for boys pink for girls but once again this is you and your babys day so you choose. For the venue decorate the room with coloured balloons, ribbons, big bows little bows or hang down streamers whatever. If the sex of the baby is unknown at the time of the gathering keep to neutral colours such as lemon white peach.
A baby bottle theme is very poplar at baby showers where the baby bottle stands proud as a centrepiece. Fun can be added to your party by using the bottles as cups for the guests.

Cuddly toys like teddies are cute and make perfect decorative items. Try placing the teddy among other cuties. If the baby shower party is to be cost effective then why not ask friends and family for cuddly toys to use instead of buying. Make sure that the borrowed pieces are in a presentable condition for the day

Diaper or nappy themes go down well at baby showers. Let your guests know in advance of your particular theme, this can be done by adding this info onto the invitations giving the guest some hindsight behind what gift to give, it is a good chance it will be diapers.(You can never have to many)

The forever favourite is a nursery rhyme theme.
Party themes based on nursery rhyme characters like humpty dumpty. Little Bo peep or Bambi are just a few to mention

Double trouble twins, not to worry things do not need to be doubled or repeated twice. A superb theme for this occasion is Noah and the ark for pregnant women expecting twins; don’t forget to let your guest know that they are coming to this baby shower to celebrate two bundles of joy. Fingers crossed two prezzies into the bargain

Baby Showers is a celebration which fills the air with joy so therefore we need a happy atmosphere. If your budget is tighter than you thought then ask the guests to come in brightly coloured costumes this will surely spruce and spice up the occasion. Who needs ribbons and balloons if the company is good?

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