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Baby Shower Centrepieces – Cunning Beats Creativit

So many ideas for baby shower centrepieces can leave you in a turmoil not knowing what to pick to display on the day. Centrepieces used for baby showers were traditionally flower arrangements. Floral pieces on show would come beautifully arranged in a basket or a crystal holder.

Remember the theme for the baby shower when choosing what flowers to have for the centrepiece. A good idea is to try blending in personal items in and around the arrangement. Colour is another important factor we don’t want the table laden with pastel lemons and whites only to throw in a big red bloom. Another issue to focus on is selecting the right flowers.

Flowers are one of natures beauty alongside your newborn, blossoms picked by you for the baby shower will enhance the occasion with an essence so sweet filling the air.

Personal items for the flower basket centrepiece can include baby novelties like cuddly toys these can be bears and bunnies to baby clothes.

Have you considered preparing and making up your own baby shower centrepiece, if this is out of your league then buy one, expect to pay approx 35 pounds upwards all depending on the design and content i.e. whatever goodies you choose to place inside the basket.
Baby shower centrepieces can come in edible form such as a baby showers cake. If a diaper cake is your decoration for the middle of the table then you have to remember these are not for consumption. Diaper cake is actually made up of diaper/nappies. It is a fabulous and practical idea for a baby shower centrepiece.

Another tip and cost effective for a centrepiece is to place a plant on display not only does this do the trick but you get to keep the plant for a long while after.
Try placing some baby extras around the pot like baby linen, towels what ever you feel is best suited
It has been known that fishbowls have been used to decorate the table at baby showers, floating candles, beads or flower petals were added to spice up the look.

Liven up the occasion with colour add balloons they are cheap and ideal for the baby shower party.
Try tying a few brightly coloured bows around cuddly toys. Silk flowers scattered around a neat tower of baby linen or candles encompassed by baby soaps and smellies. Do be careful with candles.

Creativity creates a more exciting centre piece I hear, I don’t think so not if you are on a budget.

If you are struggling to meet the cost of a baby shower centrepiece then cunning it has to be. Here is how it is done spruce up the table with more colour by adding floating balloons, action the whole content of the table with so many different little gifts brightly gift wrapped. And a definite guarantee to distract eye contact away from the non absent centrepiece is to place plates of cream filled cakes here and there; the centrepiece will not even be missed.

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