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All You Wanted To Know About Baby Highchairs

If your baby is already of six months age then having a high baby high chair is very important for you. There are many types of chairs available in the market and some of them even recline. You may choose a chair which is specially made for small babies who haven’t yet learnt to sit but they may not be very useful if the child is not able to sit at least.

Highchairs for the child have more than sufficient features for the child and the parents; you will really be not using all of them. The seats are padded and they are very comfortable for the child. The wheels on the chairs make it very convenient for you to move the chair everywhere. Nowadays, you even get chairs whose height can be adjusted according to the child’s growth. Thus the child is always at the same height of the table in spite of having grown up. Even the footrest available is adjustable. The highchairs which are available nowadays can be folded away. You can convert the high chair into a play table also. There is an insert in the chair which can fit over the chairs tray, so that your child gets enough space to play. Some of the models have very big feeding trays whereas others have a bottle or cup set in the tray.

The highchair’s base is stable and broad. This doesn’t allow the chair to trip over, even if the baby leans over its side. Actually it is a good idea not to encourage the child to move about while sitting.

There are many types of highchairs. They may be made of wood or plastic or metal. Wood chairs are generally not adjustable.

You should however take the precaution of not leaving the child alone even for a short while; not even to go and answer the telephone, or get a bib or get some food. The baby in the chair must never be left alone. Accidents happen suddenly and unexpectedly. You must gather everything before putting the baby in the chair.

The baby must always be strapped to the chair. The child may slip from under the feeding tray and get hurt seriously. The older ones may slip and get stuck under the tray.

If you have a folding variety of high chair then in your haste you must not forget to lock it in that position. If the highchair happens to fold back, the baby can be hurt badly. Thus you must check the chair at regular intervals to rule out any defects.
When you are setting the tray for feeding the baby, just keep an eye on the baby’s fingers. They may get a cut or get hurt. You must also be sure that the lock is well set. Tug it a little and ensure it. If it is not tight enough or is not set properly the baby may fall down and hurt him.

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